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About Us

Own a piece of Australia's History

Our Parent Companies involvement in the Restoration of some of Australia's greatest Landmarks has resulted in us having stocks of Stone and Granite artifacts from these Projects. At Little Hartley we have these materials, as well as some new products, Marble slabs, and Stone materials suitable for Artists, Landscaping, Monumental Masonry. 

Whether you wish to utilise these products in your home Landscape, Carve the Sandstone into Artistic works, have a Stone Home built, or contract us to make Natural Stone Headstones from Sandstone or Granite, we at Little Hartley, along with our Parent Company, can accommodate your needs. 

Stone Mason & Artist Pty Ltd (SMA) is the product of four generations in the stone masonry and building industry. In this 100 year period, SMA’s business has acquired a wealth of experience both locally and internationally. The company’s foundations originated in Italy and carried out work for two generations on such projects as the restoration and maintenance of the Vatican City before commencing work in Australia.

SMA has a strong Management Team who maintain a 'hands on' approach, promoting their commitment and dedication to their profession. SMA employs a team of fully qualified tradespeople who ensure the highest standard of workmanship.

SMA has been delivering quality projects throughout Sydney for over 50 years. | 775 Coxs River Road, Little Hartley, NSW | 02 6355 2281